The Euro to Euro Adapter

On a recent trip to Martinique, I had an interesting dilemma. I knew before going that Martinique is a province of France and that it has more in common with its European roots than with its Caribbean neighbors.

With that in mind, I took my trusty voltage adapter and plug converter. I was all set.

What I wasn’t expecting is that the wall outlets are all recessed.

Ugh! My bulky converter could only deal with flush-mount outlets and I had not brought any of the additional plug adapters that come with the set.

Luckily for me, my daughter has learned all my travel tricks plus a few new ones of her own. She had her own power converter plus her complete set of plug adapters.

In her set we found an adapter for Northern Europe. We’d both always thought that was strange and useless since the prongs on the main unit are configured for Northern Europe by default.

Daisy-chained set of gadgets to make a Euro-to-Euro-to-US2-to-US3 plug adapter.

Daisy-chained Euro-to-Euro-to-US2-to-US3 plug adapter.

However, by using it and essentially making a European to European adapter, we were able to use the recessed wall plug.

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