The trip that was planned for us was absolutely amazing! We went to Mexico and toured around the Yucatan Peninsula. Jeff had us actually become part of the culture by getting us a house that was owned by a normal everyday citizen, Honestly, being able to pretty much live there was an awe-inspiring moment. It really lets you get a feel for how the people live. I also liked how he had us going to places that weren’t overly crowded with tourists. That’s not to say that we didn’t also go to tourist attractions, but we got to see parts of Mexico that weren’t widely known. We visited ancient Mayan ruins and swam in cenotes. By not staying at a resort or hotel, I got a unique perspective that I think allowed me to enjoy Mexico in a better way than that of resort goers. The trip was very time oriented and fast-paced. We went to a lot of different places in a short time span. The way it was planned though was well thought out. All in all it was a beautiful trip and it was well organized. I would willingly go back to Jeff and ask him to plan another trip for me if it would be as fun and exciting as my trip to Mexico was.

-V.R., Mexico, March 2016