Egyptian National Museum, part 3 – Statues

The statues that were carved in ancient Egypt ranged from tiny (small enough to stand three of them on a coin) to enormous. All of them were incredibly detailed. Far more detailed than I was expecting. They are also far more well-preserved than I expected.

Of course some are broken or worn away. 5,000 years in the Sahara Desert has a way of doing that. Still, the workmanship on these was just incredible.


I loved this lion statue


Somehow, I never expected these 5,000 year old statues to be so detailed or so well preserved.


Small decorative urns or vases


Forget the famous gold mask, this statue of King Tut intrigued me more


Not trick photography. This statue of Cleopatra is humongous.


Look at the detail here!


A hall filled with sarcophagus and statues.


Me, peeking out between some huge statues.

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