Does American Airlines have it in for Rum?

You may have seen an article I wrote a while back about how the airline lost my suitcase with a very expensive bottle of rum inside.

On my last trip it happened again! Sort of.

While in Martiniqué for my daughter’s annual birthday trip, we toured a rum distillery and bought some rum.

Despite it being well packed inside a rigid-framed suitcase and wrapped in dirty laundry, the baggage handlers managed to break one of the bottles.

The big tip-off: when I pulled my bag off the baggage claim carousel and it left a rum-scented puddle on the floor!

Pretending for just a moment to be oblivious to the fact that so many of my trips seem to end with me smuggling undeclared contraband (especially rum) back home, I am starting to wonder if the airline has some kind of special vendetta against rum.

After my flight, they sent me a survey asking about my experience flying with them. I gave honest and objective feedback.

The thing about the incident with the broken bottle of rum, and I told them this in my feedback, is that it really would have taken very little to make me happy. But no one at the airline even bothered to try.

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