Breaking the Law… by Wearing Camouflage

Throughout all the islands of the West Indies, there are laws prohibiting anyone from buying, selling, owning or wearing any article of camouflage clothing.

I forgot to mention this to my daughter and did not notice as we flew into Trinidad that she was wearing camouflage cargo shorts.

They apparently take this rather seriously and it’s even a jailable offense.

Luckily, despite being 19 years old at the time, Sydney still looks like she’s about 14. A couple of airline employees noticed and didn’t want an innocent little girl to get in trouble so before we reached the Immigration and Customs check-in desk, they ushered us aside and quietly asked her if she had any other clothes in her carry-on that she could change into.

One of the ladies led Sydney to a bathroom where she could change. She explained the law and told Sydney to keep the shorts in her bag and not take them out.

Thankfully, since I was traveling with a broken leg, we were escorted through Immigration and Customs so our check-in was rather cursory.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the whole ordeal but Sydney is certain I was setting her up. She thinks I wanted her to get pulled aside for extra screening.

I admit to nothing.

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