Birthday Puffins

The premise was simple enough: I wanted to take my (then)girlfriend on a trip for her birthday.

I got the idea while we were on a day trip together to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

She was fascinated by the display with Atlantic Puffins.

I read on the placard about their home range in the wild. I took a photo of the placard. Back at home, I began to research.

Within minutes I realized that this could not be a surprise. She’d have to take off work, would need to pack and prepare…

Since I couldn’t surprise her at the last minute, I decided to tell her early and let her get in on the planning.

That turned out to be quite a fun little exercise. We created shared planning documents online so that we could each get to them and jot notes to ourselves and each other whenever inspiration struck.

The trip was a complete success. It ended up being as much a gift to me as it was to her.

Puffin Standing

Puffin Standing

Plus puffins are soooo cute!!

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