The Smell of Vacation

A dear friend of mine came up with this brilliant travel idea. When she goes on vacation, she makes it a point to buy a bottle of essential oil.

The oil should be bought either just before the trip and taken along, or on the first day or two of the trip.

Each vacation should get its own scent.

Oil in hand, You should make it a point to smell it throughout your trip. At minimum, once per day though more often is better. Especially when anything particularly great happens; all the happy times and the times you want to remember after the trip is over.

When you return home, put the bottle aside. It is now a memento of your trip. Whenever you want to be reminded of it, take out the bottle and smell the oil inside. You should instantly begin feeling the feelings and reliving the memories you made while on that vacation.

This trick works because smell is a very powerful memory trigger. It was one of the first senses developed and has some of the deepest sensory roots in the brain.

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    What a brilliant friend! 😉

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