Never have another lost bag again. (Hopefully.)

As a frequent traveler, not only do I belong to all the major frequent flyer programs, but I have the apps for each airline.

I don’t keep them all on my phone. Rather, I add them when needed and remove them when not.

Each time I add an airline app back, the App Store of course gives me the most updated version.

I recently found a fantastic new feature on the app for Delta Airlines.

It seems that every time an airline employee touches your checked bag, they scan it. This scan feeds into Delta’s system along with where they know that employee is located and what he’s doing. Their system then finds you and sends a push notification to the app on your phone telling you exactly where your bag was last seen.

Speaking as someone who has had bags lost and misdirected more than once, this is a very welcome feature. It is likely to even make me choose to fly Delta more often when the option is available.

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