Travel Gadgets – Power Strip

When you travel overseas, a power converter is indispensable. Many countries use outlets that are configured differently than in the US and voltages vary from one country to another.

The shortcoming of power converters is that you plug one into the wall and it gives you one power outlet. In fact most of them have a two-pronged outlet with no third prong for a grounded plug.

This means you can’t plug in some types of laptop power cords and certain types of small appliances.

I use mine with a two-prong to three-prong adapter and a power strip.

Suddenly one power outlet becomes six!

Plus all six of them are three-prong outlets. That’s vastly more practical.

Having a power strip has even served me well at airports. It’s quite common to see clusters of people crowded around the few charging stations that are available, all trying to charge their cell phones and every available outlet already claimed.

I’ve found it quite easy to get someone to agree to let me plug in my power strip. Then we can both use the same outlet and still have room for four more people to come share with us.

It’s a quick way to make friends.  😉

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