Indispensable Travel Gadgets – Brightly Colored Fabric

You might never have thought of a piece or two of brightly colored fabric as being an indispensable travel gadget. At least not until today.

During the course of a multi-day trip, especially if you have multiple destinations and must pack and re-pack more than once, you need a way to distinguish clean clothes from dirty ones. It also doesn’t hurt to keep the two separated.

Bringing along an extra bag especially for dirty clothes is impractical. At the start of your trip the bag will be empty and by the end, the clean clothes bag will be empty. This is not a very good use of your limited cargo room.

Instead, pack all your clothes in one bag but also include 1-2 large pieces of brightly colored fabric. The pieces should be large enough to cover the entire size of the clothing compartment when spread out but needn’t be larger. They should also be of such a color and pattern as to be readily visible when looking through a stack of clothes and not easily confused with any of your clothes.

The idea being that these pieces of fabric act as separators.

So you create layers:

  • Clean clothes (initially they will all be clean plus you’ll have these 1-2 pieces of fabric at the bottom of your bag)
  • Dirty clothes, with the clean and dirty separated by a piece of fabric
  • Alternatively, you can also have a third category of clothes that have been worn but are still clean enough to wear again
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